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3rd International Conference on Clinical and Counseling Psychology, will be organized around the theme “Reconnoitering the challenges faced in clinical and Counseling Psychology”

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Clinical psychology is one of the major Speciality area with psychology that carries on-going and inclusive mental and behavioral health care for person’s families, cultures, and varied populations It is a department in breadth — one that is mostly comprehensive of severe psychopathology — and marked by extensiveness and integration of awareness and skill from a comprehensive array of disciplines within and outside of psychology proper. The possibility of clinical psychology includes all ages, several diversities and different systems.

Counseling Psychology covenants with the emotional, social, work and physical health complications people may face in their life. Counseling Psychologists help people to recognize their strengths and problems and find the clarification for daily difficulties they are facing. Counseling psychologists emphasis on connections between people and their atmosphere, and on informative and career development.


Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a short-term, goal-oriented psychotherapy treatment that mainly emphases on anxiety and depression. It is a goal to change the mode of thinking or behavior of people and allocating with their complications in a positive manner by breaking down them into minor parts. CBT deals with your present complications, rather than focusing on matters from your past. It looks for applied techniques to improve your state of mind on a daily basis. 


Child and Adolescent Psychology consist of Psychological child development, mainly the progressment during the course of the lifespan. Globally a lots of psychological conferences are there. As we know mental health is absence of intangible disorders, various kinds of diseases in the course of the life span effects in mental disorders. Worldwide 20% of adolescent and children suffers with mental disorders. If untreated, then these circumstances stimulus children’s progress. What is the intangible illness intangible life span of Child, how Brains and Mental health interrelated, Children sleep and mental health connection?  Mental Rehabilitation? Sometimes people even think of is Mental illness a Myth?? . Having more understanding about the fact we will have discussion on recent matters of Mental Health in child and how the mental health Broadcast and Valuation is carried, how does the atmosphere effects in children and role of parents with Child Development Psychology, Psychological movements of infant children.

Clinical Psychology Instruments Distinctive sort of instruments are used to evaluate the mental health disorders of the sufferers such as Bio feedback devices, Stimulus display systems, computerized systems for psychological assessment and intervention and many more.

Clinical behavioural disorders  are known as disruptive behavioral syndromes are main causes that parents are Usual instructed to takings their kids for mental health assessments and management. If untreated in childhood, these imperfections may affect harmfully a person’s proficiency to hold a job and keep up relationships. Many drugs are accessible for behavioral difficulties, and the kind of drug that will be prescribed depends on the specific circumstance being treated. People with anxiety disorder , OCD or ADHD may assistance from antidepressants.


Social Psychology is the study which includes people’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. Social Psychology recognizes the human understandings and behaviours in social surroundings. Social psychologists therefore covenant with the factors that lead us to behave in a given approach in the presence of others, and look at the circumstances under which certain behavior/actions and feelings take place. 


Family Therapy is a union of psychoanalysis that workings with families and couples in close relationships to alteration and improvement.  It examine the communication among family members. 


Eating disorders are classified by a tireless disturbance of eating forms that leads to poor physical or psychological health. Eating disorders also repeatedly arise together with other psychiatric illness such as depression, substance abuse, or anxiety disorders. Indications of eating disorder are anorexia nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa.


Cultural Counseling psychology related to the study of correspondences and dissimilarities in individual psychological effect in different cultural and ethnic groups, as well as the interactions between psychological variables and sociocultural, ecological, and biological variables. Cross-cultural psychology regards culture as important to psychological functioning, as a fundamental situation for psychological improvement and performance.


Neuro psychotherapy (NPT) the term that précises and integrates neuroscientific awareness in a variety of Skill and managements applying neuro surgery. Neuro psychotherapy usages indication based neuroscience and emotional losses. A neuropsychotherapists is aware of the body-psyche-interaction and qualified to carry out therapeutic conclusions with this information. Neuropsychotherapy is the treatment which improves the hypothetical problem of Seymour Epstein and Klaus Grawe and recognizes that the security in the healing alliance is the main constituent and supervisory theory of a neuropsychotherapeutic methodology.


Advanced Therapeutic Approaches Psychotherapy is used in many cases alone or in combination with medications to cure intangible sicknesses. Currently extraordinary improvements have been prepared in the management of mental illness. Management approaches for psychiatric syndromes can be distinguished as either somatic or psychotherapeutic. In this Pschiatry conference We will be conversing about somatic treatments including drugs, electroconvulsive therapy, and deep brain stimulation such as transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy concerning to psychotherapeutic treatments including psychotherapy, behaviour therapy techniques such as dialectical behaviour therapy, hypnotherapy and mindfulness build therapies.


Antipsychotics and Psychoactive  Treatment. Repeatedly helps in treating depression, anxiety, insomnia, and other psychological disorders. It does not affect the fundamental causes of these syndromes, but it reduces symptomatic relaxation to allow people to live more normally. Most of the drugs covered in this section possess many consequences on the nervous systemPsychotropic drugs for the management of mental illness are dependent on the syndromes, which they are recommended. Mainly it is used as an improving therapy for the management of psychiatric illnesses. Based on the intelligences from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey Males (4.2%) were more likely than females (2.2%) to use ADHD drugs. Females (4.5%) use antidepressants more than males (2.0%). The objective of this period is to appreciate the relationship between antipsychotics and psychotherapy, character of Akt/GSK3 signing and dopamine in the action of psychotropic drugs.


Clinical Training and Case Reports include the study related to the mind and behaviour. Psychological syndromes arise due to communication between genetic & environmental aspects. Depression is one of the most common psychological syndromes which irritates individual to control overdoses of drugs. Psychologists discover ideas such as perceptioncognition, emotion, intelligence, phenomenology, motivation, attention, brain functioning, personality, behaviour, and interpersonal correlation includes psychological resilience, family resilience, and other areas. Psychological information is frequently meaningful applied to the assessment and management of mental health difficulties, eventually aims to benefit society.